Витамин В4 (Холин хлорид)

Vitamin B4 (Choline chloride)

Presented in dark brown granules with a slight characteristic odor, insoluble in water. Produced on a vegetative carrier from wheat bran. It is used to balance the diet of animals and poultry with vitamin B4. Does not contain GMOs and harmful impurities. Thanks to the use of a special carrier (wheat bran of certified origin), as well as a unique technology of double heat treatment and the “anti-caking” process, using Western European liquid choline we obtain an ultra-stable, sterile, homogeneous (dust-free) product with high quality indicators and high biological activity and availability.


In the animal organism, Choline regulates the metabolism of fats, prevents fatty liver infiltration, ensures normal joint health, prevents perosis in broilers, serves as a source of methyl groups and, therefore, is the starting substance for the synthesis of acetylcholine.


Safety. Produced on a vegetative carrier from wheat bran and made using certified raw materials of Western Europe in Germany. The safety and high quality of choline chloride produced by Miavit is ensured by the ISO 9001 certificate, the GMP + certificate (for exporters) and the ISO 22000 certificate, accepted by the European Union in 1995, as well as the prestigious FAMIQS certificate.


Choline Chloride 60% for feed production is guaranteed to have a choline content of no less than 60%.

Storage conditions

25 kg Сraft bags with a polyethylene liner.


  • Manufactured using unique technologies of the MIAVIT company, which allow to increase the looseness of the product (in comparison with other manufacturers). The increased looseness of the product guarantees precise dosage and uniform mixture of Choline Chloride 60% with other components in the process of preparing premixes and feed mixtures.,