Витамин AD3 1000/200

Vitamin AD3 1000/200

It is a brownish fine-grained water-insoluble granules containing vitamin A acetate and vitamin D3, which are evenly distributed in a matrix of gelatin, glycerin, fructose. On the outside, the granules are coated with. This enhances the protection of vitamins from aggressive factors that are inevitable in the production of feed and storage. At the same time, this form of vitamins is easily digestible and absorbs well by the animal's body. The production technology contributes to the excellent homogeneity of the product and an even distribution of vitamins in it.

Storage conditions

Manufacturer's packaging - 20 and 500 kg bags.


  • Rovimix AD3 1000/200 is used for vitamin A and D enrichment of premixes and animal feed. The average particle size is 0.21 mm. 1 g contains about 0.1 million granules. Vitamin stabilizer - ethoxyquinn. 1 g of granulate contains no less than 1,000,000 IU of vitamin A and no less than 200,000 IU of vitamin D,