Ровимикс А 500 WS

Rovimiks А 500 WS

The product is a granular brown powder, well dispersible in water. The granules contain vitamin A in the form of spray dried acetate, evenly distributed in a starch and dextrin base.


High stability of compound

Excellent flowability

Optimal granule size


Water solubility

Pharmacological properties

Used to enrich milk replacers with vitamin A, as well as in other cases of feeding animals with liquid feed.

Storage conditions

Store at a temperature not exceeding 15 ° C in closed original packaging within 15 months from the production date.


  • Guaranteed minimum content of vitamin A - 500,000 IU per 1 g. The stabilizer is ethoxyquinn. The technology of finely dispersed drying of the emulsion ensures ideal product homogeneity and uniform distribution of the vitamin in it. 1 IU of vitamin A = 0.344 μg of vitamin A acetate. 1 μg of vitamin A acetate = 3.33 IU of vitamin A. The average particle size is 0.09 mm. 1 g contains no less than 500,000 IU of vitamin, which is approximately 1 million granules.,